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98 Trade Marks 2000 Ed.

Grounds for refusal of registration 6. Absolute grounds for refusal of registration.


Specially protected emblems etc.

Trademark registration in Brunei The benefits of registering your trademark A registered trademark grants exclusive nationwide use: Registering your trademark grants you protection , the exclusive right to use your trademark in connection to the products , territory., services for which you have registered in a determined country

Under the old law, renewable for a further period of fourteen years., trademark are viable for an initial period of seven years After the amendment to Brunei’s trademarks law on 1 June 2000, after 1 June 2000., a 10-year term of renewal will be granted where the renewal falls due on

The old 14-year term will be granted only if the renewal fell due before 1 June 2000. Publications: in the Official Gazette after acceptance.

Opposition period: 3 months.

Brunei trademark gazette. Time limit to pay publication fees after acceptance: the Registrar will call for the filing of Form TM 27 to enable publication of the application in government gazette.

The legal basis of Brunei trademark is the Laws of Brunei Chapter 98 Trademarks. Brunei is a member of the Paris Convention , the Madrid Protocol. Brunei adopts first-to-file basis for trademark protection.

A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of registration , could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date. Information on regulations, infringement , registration, opposition, protection with respect to the Brunei trademark system., treaties, examination Brunei trademark gazette. Brunei trademark registration process We will process your trademark registration in Brunei through the step listed below.

Please notice that each step can be requested independently:.

Proprietor Name Agent Name Nice Class Good , Services Key word: Submission Forms

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Rambahadur Limbu belongs to the Begha Clan of Limbu people of Nepal. Limbu was born in Chyangthapu village, Yangrop Thum.

Searchable database of trademark information from Brunei Darussalam. For a more global search, use the Global Brand Database.

Mirandah Asia provides the full range of IP services in Brunei, led from our offices in Singapore.

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Gladys Mirandah has been a member of the Bar in Brunei since 1994 and can directly undertake legal work in the nation.

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